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Process Post #2

My Blog Setup So Far

When I knew that PUB101’s assignment was to become a blogger, create a blog and publish every week, I immediately considered creating a fashion blog. I have always wanted to engage in the fashion industry, and many friends suggested that I could start with writing about fashion. But I haven’t started because I’m not confident in my writing. Therefore, PUB101 can be regarded as a push for my delayed goal.

I initially listed multiple fashion content options when I decided to create a fashion blog. One idea is to describe the fashion history, among which I am most interested in the Jazz Age of the 1920s. Another one is to share my outfits for the week. Finally, the blog theme I chose is the combination of colour and fashion.

I’m entirely new to using WordPress, so I’m slow at every step of creating a page. I need to learn through Google search and watch the WordPress tutorial on YouTube. Ohklynβ€˜s video content is very detailed, which has brought me a lot of help. At the same time, as I said before, I have never written a blog, so I am also learning how to start the journey of a fashion blog. Hayley Paige has given me a specific understanding of the blog’s operation by using her blog as an example.Β 

I’m still collecting inspiration. Recently, I’ve been browsing the blogs of different fashion bloggers to find their design elements from their blog layout. For example, Catarina Mira’s blog: MIRA-ME, gave me a lot of inspiration about fashion pieces. However, I like the sluggish feeling of her website as a whole.

I really enjoy this learning process, and I will continue to make my blog the way I want it to be.

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