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Peer Review #1


In this post, I am going to be reviewing one of my peer’s blogs, Lalita at LIFTING WITH LITA. As this will be a review and feedback about the blog, I will be writing this post directed to Lalit.

Hi Lalit, 

I often watch Pamela Reif work out videos on YouTube and would like to try different exercise programs. So I was super excited when I knew that I was going to write review of your blog.

First of all, I love the overall theme color of your blog: Pink! My favorite! Your pink theme color and three collage pictures displayed on Home Page clearly convey the message to me that this is a blog focusing on women’s fitness. I also like the logo you designed. It is very personalized and left a deep impression on me. 

The whole page is very concise and clear, but as a reader, I also have a suggestion for you. Make your menu a little bigger because I didn’t notice your menu when I first entered your blog. And I have to check your other posts from categories, because I can’t find your navigation bar. Recently, I was learning how to make a sticky header. And found one video explaining how to create a transparent sticky header. I think the transparent sticky header is very suitable for your overall style. If you are interested, here is the link:

Through your About Page, I think I have a better understanding of you. I believe every reader who has read the “About” will feel that it has narrowed the distance with you.

Now onto your Blog, your rich blog content has made me learn a lot, especially the second Home Workout Vlog. Multimedia interaction is very common in today’s era. I feel very delighted when I check your blog in the form of video. Different presentation forms make me have different viewing experience. Keep doing it! I will be a loyal follower watching you vlog! 

Each of your blog posts has pictures closely following the theme, which is very helpful, so that I can roughly understand the content of your post before I read it. But I found that every image in your blog is close to the content, which makes the overall layout a little compact. Therefore, it will be more perfect, if you add a “divider” or “spacer” between photos and paragraphs.

In general, your blog shows me your intentions and careful editing. And your writing is very clear, I didn’t find any typing mistakes.

These are my reviews. I hope you can benefit from them. I can’t wait to see your new content!

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