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7 Influencers to Follow for Colourful Fashion

If you browse through my posts, you will find that I often use some IG images to analyze colour collocation.  These influencers’ clothing matching has inspired me so much; therefore, I want to share them with you and learn colour matching together.


Leonie Hanne is a fashion blogger from Germany. Her most significant characteristic is that she can always control various colours and constantly use the colour method to shock everyone’s senses. 

Her style dimension is extensive, and she can digest the different qualities of her single product into her own style. 

What makes me appreciate her more is her ability to empathize and spread positive energy. For example, the spring fashion week of 2022 was during the war between Russia and Ukraine. Although she was busy with her work, she did not forget to use her influence to speak out for peace in the form of clothing. 


Anne Johansen is a  Danish Instablogger, outed by her friends as the “queen of pastels” (2019).

Anne is also a master of playing with colour matching. She breaks the traditional wearing formula and collides with various colourful pieces to create a unique communication style. However, the colour saturation used by her is not too high. Therefore, if you like the colour matching of the macaron colour scheme, you should follow her. In addition, her overall style is casual and has a great sense of retro.


Hyun Ah is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and model. Her costumes are colourful both on stage and for the daily assembly.

If you watch awards shows in South Korea, you will notice that most Korean female stars will wear black. However, Hyun Ah is a remarkable presence; she always wears clothes are many colours superimposed together when she attends the event. Some netizens commented that Hyun Ah may have bought all the colourful clothes in South Korea.


Yu Shuxin is a Chinese actress and singer. She knows very well how to present herself to the camera in bright clothes. And her style is sweet and lovely.

Unlike the first three, she prefers to wear clothes of the same colour, and she is very good at matching through the depth of the same tone.


Song Yan-fei is a Chinese actress, singer and dancer.  Her style is very changeable, with a sharp sense of fashion.

She previously shared her daily looks on Weibo via Hashtag:#OOTD, prompting many girls to imitate her style.


J876my is a freelance model from Korea. If you like to wear hoodies, you can find many inspirations to match hoodies here.

In addition to paying attention to colour matching in clothing, she is also good at using fashion accessories to match the colour of clothing.


Mulbada is an Influencer from South Korea whose style is a touch sexy on a colourful basis.

She always has the right combination of colours and make you can’t take your eyes off her

Which Influencers will you follow? Please share it with me in the comments section below!


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Featured Image via IG

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