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I believe that everyone has a pair of blue jeans in their wardrobe. 

The blue jeans can be perfectly matched with different colours of different types of tops and shoes.

With the increasing demand for clothing comfort, girls prefer baggy jeans. Moreover, these baggy jeans are one of the most versatile pieces.

Most people will choose to match sneakers, which are the coziest wear style.

In addition to sneakers, it’s no surprise that high heels and loose jeans go together. This kind of mixture is like a clever combination of normcore and extreme.

Hoodie and Sweater

According to the latest trends in the fashion world, hoodies are IN or always have been. And, honestly, I would love to wear a hoodie seven days a week! Especially during the final week. Therefore, it is very important to have a hoodie that can be easily matched. And that’s what the Spun Sugar hoodie is. 

It allows you to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. (A baggy Spun Sugar sweater has a similar effect.)

Bag and Shoes

If you check my previous blog, you will know that I always mention theme-coloured shoes and bags in fashion items. Their role is arguably the most important, although they are only a tiny part of our ensemble. 


For example, the Spun Sugar shoulder bag will break the monotony in a monochromatic outfit.

You can also add layers by pairing shoes and bags in different shades of the same colour.


Yes, nails have become a fashion accessory because they can come in any shape or form. Taking a look at the image below, wouldn’t you want to have your nails in the Spun Sugar colour? Try it now!


Spun Sugar shades are an excellent match for the sunshine and will help you stand out.


When I was little, my mom had many scrunchies, but I did not think it was adorable at that time. However, it’s back in fashion these days, and I think it’s great for our hair because the fabric layer around the elastic means our hair will not get tangled up in curls. 

I currently have a bunch of multi-scrunchies in different colours. And, of course, I cannot miss the Spun Sugar one!

Any Spun Sugar pieces you want to share? Feel free to share them in the comment area!

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