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How to wear Gossamer Pink

Image by Sandy Liang via Vogue, Image by Sandy Liang via Vogue

The previous post shared spun sugar and coca Mocha, highlighting the pursuit of softness, tranquillity and security. Today, I want to share another colour that symbolizes the spirit of peace and reflects our desire for balance in the changing landscape: Gossamer Pink.

Pink is a durable colour that has proven to be most girls’ favourite colour, full of abundant vitality and unlimited energy sources. It encourages us to remain curious about exploring new things.

However, it is not exclusive to anyone. On the contrary, pink is a very inclusive colour. Whether you are a girl or a woman, you can wear pink out of your own taste.

The same goes for boys and men.

Gossamer pink shared today is between fuchsia and light pink. It is the perfect medium tone to add to the wardrobe this season.

The softness of gossamer pink gives us a comfortable and unmistakable feeling and satisfies our psychology of wanting to get along with familiar things. However, at the same time, the lightness and ethereal feeling it brings seem to symbolize our coming out of the shadows, arousing the desire for freedom and happiness.

Pantone is described as follows:

Soft and powdery Gossamer Pink has a light and tender touch.

The Gossamer Pink was chosen for the spring/summer 2022 Fashion Week and featured by many brands. Therefore, we might as well focus on the runway and learn how to make gossamer pink fashionable.

All Gossamer Pink

It doesn’t need to bother to match, but it can bring its own eye-catching attributes, which is the collocation that saves the most trouble.

Weakened sense of presence

Go from full-body pink to the other extreme: small patches of Gossamer Pink.

Whether bag, Fur collar or flower, the whole outfit is all more vivid because of the small area of Gossamer Pink.

Colour collisions

If pink accents are a conservative way to wear clothes, then the colour contrast collocation skillfully used in the fashion industry is often refreshing.

What inspiration do you draw from fashion shows? Share them with me in the comment section below!

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