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PANTONE 12-4401

How to wear Spun Sugar

Image via Vogue, Image by Karma via Pinterest, Image via Harper’s Bazaar 

Blue and green are by far the most important colours. They are the colours of the sea, sky and earth. In other words, they are the colours of nature. Green and blue restore the beauty and power of nature in a world where people spend more and more time online. Pantone’s spring and summer 2022 report has a colour that integrates nature. It is Pantone 12-4401. 

Pantone’s Spring and Summer 2022 report has a colour that integrates nature. 

It is Pantone 12-4401. 

When you look closely, the colour of Spin Sugar tends to be similar to light blue and has a color bias like pastel green at a glance. This colour reminds me of the blue surgical masks we are all familiar with because we wear or look at them every day. The light blue colour is full of our daily life. It seems to call us to wake up from isolation and start from the sky with a new respect for nature.

Spun Sugar is a light ice blue, reminiscent of marshmallow or ice cream. It will give you a sense of calm and relax your eyes. 

If the Daffodil we talked about in the last post represents the arrival of spring, then Spun Sugar symbolizes a trace of coolness we seek in the sultry summer.

Although Spun Sugar is reminiscent of nature, the name refers to marshmallows. It shows the element of youth and childishness, which is in sharp contrast to the seriousness and strictness that many people have experienced in recent years. Let us see how Pantone describes it:

Spun Sugar is a sweetened pastel with an airy nature

This colour has been popular in the fashion industry for many years and is still very popular today. It can be said that the next trend of clothing colour in 2022 is Spin Sugar. So you really have no reason not to wear Spun Sugar in 2022. 

After reading this blog, you will be ready for the challenges of summer season!

Spun Sugar is the BEST colour for monochromatic outfit

Spun sugar is a colour that will not be very messy when worn in a large area of the whole body but will make the wearer show a unique fantastic temperament.

Therefore, many fashion bloggers and celebrities have focused on this refreshing colour.


One of the most memorable is the Gucci silk gown Elle Fanning wore at the Golden Globes. 

Unfortunately, she is virtually absent from home due to the pandemic and a reduced version of the traditional Hollywood ceremony. However, even online, she looks otherworldly through the lens of Instagram.

Spun Sugar is versatile and doesn’t stand out from other fresh colours. So today, I will share THREE universal Spun Sugar colour matching formulas with you, each of which can ensure that you will become the most dazzling colour this summer!

💦 Spun Sugar


Avocado 🥑

Avocado Green, the favourite warm colour in the 1970s, was very popular in 2019. Almost everyone is drawn to the colour as a symbol of renewal, fertility and even love.

I just didn’t expect it to be so in tune with this year’s Spun Sugar. Their integration is just like the Bluewater Breeze Cocktail I drank last summer.

Here’s another trick: Use slight avocado-green padding or accessories to jazz up the overall Spun Sugar fashion.

💦 Spun Sugar


Peachy Pink 🍑

Spun Sugar and peachy peach will help you look 10+ years younger and make you look like a sweet girl who grew up with candy

Neither of these colours has a high saturation, so even a large area of colour won’t be dramatic. However, we can make colour contrast at the small details like bags or shoes to improve the colour of the outfit.

💦 Spun Sugar


Yellow Star 🌟

Look at the legendary masterpiece The Starry Night

Van Gogh told us that blue and yellow are the absolute classic colour scheme.

The combination of these two colours, no matter how it looks, has a sunny feeling, especially suitable for early summer.

Let’s all wear Spun Sugar and be the chilliest breeze together this summer!

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