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Peer Review #3

Peer review: Keeping up with kenna

This week, I will be doing my third peer review, this time on the blog “Keeping up with Kenna”. And I will be writing this post directed to Kenna who is the owner of this blog!

Hello Kenna!

The main elements that dominate your homepage are photos with retro filters, which immediately attracted me when I first entered your website, making me want to click in one by one uncontrollably. However, after browsing your “About Me” and the “fourth week’s process post,” I found that I fully match the description of your potential audience. I am a girl interested in fashion, constellations and care about improving mental health. Therefore, I have carefully browsed all your posts and want to give you some feedback on design and content from the perspective of your potential audience to help you better develop your website.



As I mentioned above, I like your Homepage, and I think the interactive layout is very unique and attractive. It seems to have a particular order in mixed theory. As an audience, I feel a little confused when entering your website. I don’t know where to click and where to start. However, the layout felt strangely familiar until I read your “INSTAGRAM VISION BOARD “post. It turns out you’re copying the Instagram layout, which I think is excellent because you said that most of your readers visit your blog through your Instagram account, and this Kind of Instagram-like layout brings a strong sense of familiarity to them. The only suggestion is that it would be better if you could rearrange the photo templates and remove the too abrupt blank parts like the one in the figure below👇


In the case of listing a large number of colourful photos, I think it is wise for you to choose a minimalist black and white as the main colour. 

Pink is a perfect match for your potential audience as a secondary colour. 

Great choice!

Finally, I have to mention your banner, which is a very bold colour scheme. It caught my eye at once. I really love it!


After browsing all your posts, I think you definitely achieved your original intention of creating a community to share content and make friends with like-minded people.

It seems that I am not facing a cold screen but listening to the sharing of a friend who has common hobbies with me. Moreover, your words are very positive and inspiring.

The content of each post is fascinating to me, but it would be nice if you could go deeper and provide more content! 

Finally, I found two minor problems that I think you might need to fix quickly. 

The first is that you used a lot of attractive photos, but I noticed that you didn’t cite the source. This may trigger copyright issues. Therefore, it would be better if you could provide the source of the photo in each post.

Secondly, you have clearly separate blog posts, process posts and assignments, which is good. However, one post seems to go to the wrong list, as shown below:

By the way, I have contributed to your goal, and I believe you will achieve the goal of 5000 Followers by the end of the year.

I really enjoy reading your blog, which makes me feel positive on this cloudy day!

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