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How to wear Coca Mocha

Mocha coffee is perfect for winter. There is no doubt about it. However, now, there is a fashionable frontier argument that Mocha should be brought to spring and summer. Coca Mocha! Spring and summer colours in 2022.

This colour is really different, especially when it collides with spring and summer. It is bright and vibrant, urging us to move forward and giving us constant encouragement.

It is often said that a person’s clothes can show her/his personality. When you look closely at the colour, you’ll notice that the brown shades have a soft touch. The brown shadow seems to tell us that this is a colour suitable for adventurous people who like to try new things. It also means that people who wear Coca Mocha are creative, passionate and energetic, with a sense of humour!

Tasty Coca Mocha warms the spirit

Of course, as Pantone said, this rich chocolate brown is also very suitable for those who are gentle and considerate.

This chocolate brown hue has appeared on many runways this season and is hot in the fashion circle.

So no matter what form of colour you wear in spring/summer 2022 this year, just know that carrying an extra cup of Mocha is definitely approved.

As I said earlier, this is a cutting-edge fashion argument. Of course, it is not the typical sunny colour that people wear in spring and summer, but there is certainly nothing wrong with adding some undertones and neutrals to your spring and summer wardrobe. It will make your wardrobe look elegant and colourful.

Have you figured out how to bring Coca Mocha to spring and summer? 

If not, why don’t you join me to learn how to match it with other standard colours in spring and summer?

☕️ Coca Mocha & White 🥛

Coca Mocha can give people a sense of calm, but it can easily make people wear stuffy. So influencers like to add light colours to brighten up to avoid stuffy.

This wearing method is the “light colour brightening method,” which uses transparent accessories and reveals the white-collar to decorate a small area. In addition, you can also directly take white items to match Coca Mocha items.

Although the brightening effect of white is good, it belongs to a more familiar and daily wearing method. Therefore, it will easily make people inevitably feel boring. So next, I’ll share a colour matching that can brighten and be a little interesting.

☕️ Brown & Yellow 🍯

Coca Mocha is a tone between red and yellow. It can be regarded as an adjacent colour system with yellow, so it will not be inconsistent with each other.

The bright and dazzling yellow adds a trace of interest to the dull and advanced brown. No matter how serious and grim people are, they will become much softer and warmer

☕️ Coca Mocha & Blue 🍼

The combination of Coca Mocha and blue is not as fresh as white and not as attractive as yellow, but this full of the retro atmosphere will make you more memorable.

If you love retro style, you must try blue and Coca Mocha.

☕️ Coca Macha & Brown 🍩

In the 2022 runways, it wasn’t hard to see many brands loving the all-brown combo. The top, bottom, and even the shoes are the same tone, very refined texture in the show. However, in real life, it would be too solemn.

So if it’s for daily wear, you can try to mix the deep and light brown together. In this way, the overall look will look more natural and delicate.

The critical point of wearing this way is: that it has a vibrant sense of hierarchy and temperament while being harmonious and not monotonous.

The combination of Coca Mocha and standard colours in spring and summer shows us a variety of dazzling styles. In the next post, I’ll start with brown items and take a closer look at how to pick and wear brown items!

Do you have any ideas? Feel free to talk to me in the comments area!

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