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Mini Assignment #2

Gust Post

Hello, I’m Wanda, and I will be taking over today. The reason why I’m here is that Alice thinks I’m the most fashionable superhero in MCU. So she wants me to talk about my fashion collocation, especially the colour matching.

As you can see, I have Scarlett power, including telekinesis, energy manipulation, and some form of neuroelectric interfacing so that I can both read thoughts and also give my targets waking nightmares. When I release my Scarlett power, you will see that my magic is expressed in red, so red is my representative colour.

Black is my universal colour with red. So, for example, when my corset and coat are red, I will match with tight black leather pants, which perfectly integrate with red and give the appearance of longer legs.

Wide outside and tight inside are also my tips for wearing. When I wear a loose coat, I will choose a close-fitting dress to wear inside. For example, when I wear this drooping red jacket, I will match it with a black dress. Moreover, to unify the colour of my upper and lower body, I also matched black silk stockings and short boots. When knee-length socks of the same colour are matched with short boots, the proportion of the lower body will be lengthened visually. 

(This is also a key point! please write it down quickly!)

Red fills my whole wardrobe. When I catch red, my eyes cannot move away. My uniform is red, which is inevitable. After all, red is my representative colour. I only consider red even when I choose Halloween costumes. Of course, there are matching skills here. 

My Halloween Costume adopts the exact colour matching: dark red cloak + dark red bodysuit occupy a large area, and rose pink silk stockings are matched in a small area.

At the same time, when the light colour scheme appears in a large area of dark, it can lead the whole apparel to a playful and dynamic style at once.

Finally, I would like to recommend some of my favourite red fashion items:

The red stockings mentioned above, red shirt and red jacket

The red crown

And my Scarlett power

oops… this is not for sale

So that’s it for today, welcome to join the red fan team!

We Will Say Hello Again!

Wanda Maximoff 

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