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PANTONE 14-0850

How to wear Daffodil ?

Image by Marques’Almeida via VogueImage by Etsy via PinterestImage by Filippo Fior via Vogue

Pantone publishes annual representative colours such as the last blog of Very Peri and publishes fashion colour trend reports for the fashion industry through Pantone Colour Institute. The report includes ten standout colours and five key core classic colours of the season.

I will provide you with some fresh matching ideas of spring and summer colors in 2022 through my weekly blog!

Winter is getting colder and colder every day. Uncertain factors dominate the primary colours of the city. It seems that we can hardly see any vibrant colours. Fortunately, every blooming flower reminds us that spring is coming. Daffodils are the first flowers we see in spring and a vital sign of the end of winter. Because of this, Daffodils are seen as representing rebirth and a new beginning. It is also our theme colour today: Pantone 14-0850.

Daffodil has always been one of the favourite colours in the fashion industry. It can be seen from 2020 to 2022.

✨ Even Princess Disney is a big fan of it. – Belle Beauty and the Beast ✨

Take a look at the clothes of female celebrities, who wear Daffodil in a variety of ways.

Kendall and her best friend Bella are the spokesmen of Daffodil

Daffodil can be said to be one of the best camera colours. Whether it is in contrast with black or the same frame, it can make people find you wearing Daffodil in a second.


Even the striking colour of red is slightly inferior next to the Daffodil.


Therefore, the higher the saturation of yellow, the more prominent the camera grabbing effect is.

So, how to wear such a famous daffodil? I’ve summarized some tips for you. Let’s light up this spring!

Tonal dressing

✨ Pay attention to shades of colour to create layers~ ✨

Daffodil, similar to yellow tones, such as cheese, orange and khaki, can form the same colour system and look very harmonious.

If you wear monochromatic dressing, you should pay attention to depth matching like a colour card. For example, the primary colours dress of Ivanka, Meghan, and Amal are daffodil, which is high-profile enough. Then their shoes and handbags are of the same colour with low saturation, which looks very harmonious.

If the coat and skirt are a daffodil colour system, it must also be distinguished by the depth of colour. Therefore, it is best to control the colour system of the whole body within three sorts.

If you want to wear the same colour system with a sense of hierarchy, you can distinguish it with details, such as wearing solid colour on the top and plaid or floral skirt on the lower body.👇

Easy Color Matching

✨ If you still don’t know how to mix Daffodil colours, then one of these four colour combinations will be right for you! ✨

🟨 + 🟦: Great Energy And Liveliness

🟨 + ⬛️:Color Combinations That Never Go Wrong

🟨 + 🟥 / 🟧:Bold Colours

🟨 + 🟩:Eye-Catching Colours Combinations

You should know how to match the daffodil colour system through today’s sharing! Welcome to share your matching scheme in the comments below👇

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